7 Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for the Digital Nomad Visa in Brazil

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For many professionals, Brazil presents an appealing destination for remote work: its dynamic economy, rich culture, and strategic time zones make it an excellent choice. However, acquiring the Digital Nomad Visa is not without its intricacies. One oversight or misstep can lead to application delays or even denials.

To assist you in this endeavor, we've compiled an essential resource: "7 Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for the Digital Nomad Visa in Brazil". This eBook is not about painting an idealistic image of Brazil but about providing clear, actionable guidance based on real-world experience with hundreds of visa applications we got approved for our clients.

By accessing this eBook, you'll:

  • Understand the common errors many applicants unknowingly make.
  • Receive actionable advice, streamlining your application process.
  • Benefit from insights gained from hundreds of successful applications.

Some of the issues uncovered by this eBook:

  • Why applicants have their birth certificates frequently rejected
  • The truth about the visa's processing time
  • Why applying at a consulate abroad may cost you several thousand dollars
  • The number one issue faced by entrepreneurs who own a business
  • The one thing you must do immediately after being granted the visa

Along with how to avoid these costly mistakes!

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"Applying for visas in Brazil can be a real headache, but this eBook made things way clearer. The real-world tips and simple advice were exactly what I needed as a self-applicant. It's like having a buddy who's been through it all giving you pointers. If you're planning on heading to Brazil as a digital nomad, this is a must-read."

Liam O.

E-commerce Consultant from Australia

"I've gone through a bunch of guides, websites and forums trying to understand the digital nomad visa, but this one? It's on another level. '7 Mistakes to Avoid' felt like a friend giving me pro tips on the Brazil visa process. It's super clear and gave me a heads up on stuff I might've missed. Really glad I found it."

Maria K.

Software Developer from Canada

The secrets that the Brazilian immigration won't tell you.

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And, most importantly, how to avoid these costly mistakes!

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Table of Contents

Mistake 1 - "Not allocating enough time for the application."

What you will learn: exactly how much time the immigration takes to handle the application as well as other steps such as preparing the paperwork and addressing potential additional document requests.

Mistake 2 - "Ignoring requirements that are customarily enforced despite not published in details."

What you will learn: the one document that the Brazilian immigration wants you to handle in an exact way, and how to do it.

Mistake 3 - "Applying at a Brazilian consulate abroad instead of applying in Brazil."

What you will learn: the two reasons why most applicants should avoid applying outside of Brazil as well as the consequences of applying at a consulate.

Mistake 4 - "Waiting until the last minute to file."

What you will learn: the correct timing for applying for the digital nomad visa and why the "time stacking" discussed in immigration forums is utterly nonsense.

Mistake 5 - "Not presenting a work contract."

What you will learn: what entrepreneurs who have their own businesses should do when presenting their paperwork.

Mistake 6 - "Not registering with the Policia Federal."

What you will learn: when you must register with the Policia Federal under the penalty of having your approved visa forfeited.

Mistake 7 - "Not using professional help."

What you will learn: what we see happening to self-applicants and what is the minimum level of support applicants should absolutely seek.

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